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Are you ready to have more ease in the kitchen with foods that are easy to prepare, loaded with nutrients, delicious, and part of a plan that eliminates guess work?

Can you imagine fewer colds and upset tummies because you are supporting your kid's immunity with tried-and-tested foods and practices that enhance all systems in their body?

Are you tired of meltdowns? (Hint: they can be prevented with a healthy snack)

Are you committed to co-creating and following a plan that works for you and your family, giving you more confidence to steer your health in the best direction?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
join me for a 4-week course on
Feeding Strong & Resilient Kids

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Take Control of Your Family's Health


Help your kids love healthy food and
apply more strategies to ensure your family's wellness, 
by joining me on the 4-week course
"Feeding Stronger and More Resilient Kids"
and I guarantee
you will be stronger and more resilient too!


How it works

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome e-mail with an introduction to the course, a syllabus, and more details about worksheets, meal plans and shopping lists that will be provided during the course.

The course starts on Monday, January 18th, 2021, with one live video call  and a module released each week for 4 weeks:
1/18, 1/25, 2/1, and 2/8

(Mondays at 1pm EST/10am PST).

Live sessions will be recorded and sent to you. You will have access to materials for 12 months.

Each module will contain videos,
worksheets, a food demo and
infinite possibilities for you to rock your kitchen
and be your family's hero!


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“Thais has a broad range of nutritional knowledge. She offers a variety of food plans with delicious, healthy and simple recipes. She listens to each individual’s need and creates a plan based on several factors:  busy life, children, on-the-go, or specific health concerns.  Nothing stumps she has many solutions in her mind and at her fingertips!  I know this because I have worked with her and my friends have worked with her. We have learned a lot. Thais is one-of-a-kind!"

Banyan Parker, Santa Rosa, CA

Thais Harris, BCHN and Nick Sholley, MFT
preparing a family meal.

What You'll Learn


Module 1: The Digestion Connection

Learn why improving digestion enhances health and mood and how to go about it.

- Making nutrient dense meals that optimize digestion

- Supplements that bridge the nutritional gap

- Identifying food sensitivities

Module 2: The Immunity Community

Supercharge the body's defenses naturally by befriending your and your child's microbiome.

- How to incorporate fermented foods and why

- Your kids want to help in the kitchen: how to let them so they are more invested in eating well

- Probiotic supplements and when to use them

- Social aspects of food: more than just nutrition

Module 3: The Reasons for Seasons

Cold and warm weather foods: how to match the seasons within

- Identifying your child's metabolic type and how to optimize it

- Planning meals to make home cooking a breeze

- Budgeting meals: how to source the best food without breaking the bank

Module 4: Mindful is Delightful

Build a stronger and more resilient life through a mindful approach to eating and your daily intake of everything. Get your kids on board from an early age!

- Identifying the heroes and bandits that we consume daily (creating awareness, not just of food, but of habits and thoughts)

- Setting the stage for success: how to create positive change and turn it into habit

Registration closes January 15th, 2021


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Guide: Holiday Food for Great Mood:
28 recipes to keep you satisfied and feeling great

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A 5-Day Winter Meal Plan to make life easy and shopping a breeze

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E-mail and chat support during the entire course




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About Your Guide

Thais Harris is board-certified by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and holds a certificate in Nutrition Consulting from Bauman College, in Berkeley, CA. Thais graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA, and also attended the University of Southern Santa Catarina (UNISUL).

Thais served on the faculty at Bauman College as a Nutrition Instructor from 2016 to 2020 and as the Nutrition Education Manager at the non-profit Ceres Community Project, in California, from 2013 to 2018.

Thais has designed curriculum for, and taught, hundreds of classes including "Healing Foods Basics," "Lowering Inflammation and Regulating Blood Sugar," "Kids Can Cook," "Nutrition for Health Practitioners," and more.

She has lead hundreds of people in their journey to optimal health, through group cleanses, individual and group coaching.

Thais believes in the power of food to support and enhance health, energy levels, and beauty - inside and out.

In 2012, Thais joined forces with her husband, Nick Sholley, a somatic psychotherapist, to create Nourish Together and offer not only her nutrition-based services, but also programs combining nutrition and mindfulness, nourishing people and their relationships at the same time.

"The education was invaluable. I have been an athlete all my life. I manage a health club and have a degree in Kinesiology. None of this teaches proper nutrition or how food affects every aspect of your life. Thais teaches this.  

What I learned about my body and it’s reaction to food and how different foods affected my workouts was a game changer. I achieved my goal which was great but in the end, a small reward for what I learned from Thais and the years of healthy eating since then.

Want to feel better? Want to save the planet? Want to have more energy?
Talk to Thais.

- Catherine DuBay, CA

I want more control of my family's health!

I am your ally on your path to wellness

There is so much to be concerned these days - for our family's sake and our own. 

Providing the best nourishment possible shouldn't be one of those concerns. 

Let me help you feel more empowered to supercharge your family's health and give yourself the best shot at lifelong wellbeing.

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